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So Much So Fast - buy DVD


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Collector's Edition Special Features:

  • Bonus scenes: Stephen uses revolutionary technology
    to control a computer with his thoughts. Amazing!
  • Deleted scenes: Patients weighing whether to try
    unproven drugs; Warcraft battles; Family scenes.
  • Original audio track (occasional strong language)
  • Bleeped audio track
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • And more!

NTSC format. Digital widescreen. 87 min. Not rated.

For personal use only. Not for libraries, schools or institutions.
No public performance without permission.


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Available in 35mm and several video formats.

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What would you do if you were 29 and
found you may only have a few years to

So Much So Fast is about the remarkable
events set in motion when Stephen
Heywood discovers he has ALS (Lou
Gehrig's disease) and his brother Jamie
becomes obsessed with finding a cure.

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