What would you do if you were 29 and found you may only have a few years to live?

    So Much So Fast is about the remarkable events set in motion when Stephen Heywood discovers he has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and his brother Jamie becomes obsessed with finding a cure.

    From Oscar-nominated directors Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan comes a black-humored cliffhanger of romance, outsider science and the meaning of time.

    Produced in association with PBS Frontline, ZDF/ARTE, BBC Storyville & TV2/Danmark

    Wendy and Stephen Heywood in So Much So Fast

    Sundance official selection

    Independent Film Festival Boston

    Hot Docs Toronto

    Full Frame Film Festival official selection

    IDA Docuweek

    Woods Hole film Festival best of festival

    Vancouver Film Festival

    Melbourne Film Festival

    Independent Feature Project Official Selection

    Nashville Film Festival

    Video Librarian Best Documentary

    Ben, Stephen and Jamie Heywood in So Much So Fast film

    “Triumphant! A story that keeps expanding until it seems to fill the universe. Unforgettable.” Four stars.  – Ty Burr,  Boston Globe

    Gripping, intimate, complex and dramatic.”   Sundance Daily Insider

    “The filmmakers sustain an atmosphere of relentless forward motion. A perceptive portrait of an entire family in revolt against fate.”
    – New York Times

    “Humorous. Impressive. Effortlessly profound.” – Slant Magazine

    “Director-writers Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan have created a beautiful film that unfolds like a thriller. Profound questions sneak up on you almost without you realising it.” –  The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

    “Elegantly presents both a critique and a celebration of American optimism.” Grade A-     – Entertainment Weekly

    Stephen Heywood in So Much So Fast film

    Jamie Heywood in So Much So Fast film


    “Watching this video makes you proud to be human.” Amazon purchaser

    Stephen and Alex Heywood in So Much So Fast film

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